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Dambusters – The Politics Behind the Raid

Dambusters - The Politics Behind the Raid

On Thursday, 4th February, 1943, Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris, the Commander-in-Chief of Bomber Command, received a new directive, originally drawn up a couple of weeks earlier during the Joint Chiefs of Staffs’ Casablanca Conference. ‘Your prime objective,’ the Directive instructed, ‘will be the progressive destruction and dislocation of the German military, industrial and economic system, and the undermining of the morale of the German people to a point where their capacity for armed resistance is fatally weakened.’

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Barnes Wallis – The Man

Mary Stopes-Roe Interview

This is the transcript of a conversation between Mary Stopes-Roe (MSR) and James Holland (JH) at Mary’s house in Birmingham in 2011, in which they discussed the character, upbringing and home life of Sir Barnes Wallis.

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